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Prodigy Learning Centers

The professionally trained Prodigy staff offers care for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age including Pre-K, Full-Day Certified kindergarten and up to third grade. In an effort to accommodate the unpredictable schedules many parents often encounter, Prodigy also offers flexible hours without penalty or extra cost along with its state-of-the-art early education and childcare programs.

At Prodigy we understand that not all parents adhere to nine-to-five schedules.
Extended hours are offered, therefore, from 6am to 9pm anytime during which
flexible scheduling is available.

Along with helping children learn and grow, Prodigy also offers other services for
families, thus easing the burdens of busy parents. The most important of these
services is Wishing Well, located on-site. Wishing Well is our health-care center for mildly-ill children who may remain on site, supervised by our Registered Nurse, for the remainder of the day. It eliminates the need for parents to leave work when, during the school day, children fall a little under the weather.

Offering a Unique Solution to Child Education and Care

After School Programs
Transportation is available. We pick up from other schools with our own late-model vehicles all of which are
equipped with four-wheel drive, child-safety seats and seatbelts. Homework supervision is conducted at our
facility accompanied by relaxing activities as well as a nutritious snack.

Prodigy Learning Centers supports a parent-teacher association. Membership is automatic once children are
enrolled. PTA meetings, intended as a forum for new ideas and school activities, are held once a month. Parent
seminars and family social nights are hosted by Prodigy Learning Centers and the PTA throughout the year.

Special Events
Special events are planned on an ongoing basis. The PTA and Prodigy staff combine efforts to organize a Fall
Festival, Holiday Show, Book Fair, End-of-Year Picnic and other fun events. For more on the subject of Special
Events, we invite you to click on the School Calendar link at left.

Open Visitation
Parents are welcome to visit the center at any time during operating hours and are encouraged to join their
children for lunch.