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Our Programs Are Specially Designed for Children From 6 Weeks to 12 Years of Age

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Babyland (6 weeks - 14 months)
Staff is committed to nurturing this age group, establishing a connection of trust, closeness
and a sense of security. We play a role that supports the parent-child relationship
and strengthens the fundamentals necessary for the development of interpersonal relationships
later in life. Our infant area is divided into three rooms. Placement is guided
by standard developmental milestones. All Babyland rooms are warm, healthy and loving

Rainbow Room (15 - 24 months)
Children in this age group are reaching, stretching and bright with curiosity and wonder.
Major learning and growing are characteristic of this period. This portion of our program,
therefore, focuses on strengthening object permanence, social attachment, sensorimotor
intelligence and primary motor function development. The classroom connects infancy to
toddlerhood, and staff is specifically supportive in that transition.

Tumbling Tots (24 - 36 months)
If you are the parent of a child in this age group, you understand our name for this area.
This period in child development calls for sensitive oversight by parents as well as
Prodigy staff to reinforce a child’s achievements. Our activities provide a non-frustrating
and manageable environment. Increased focus is placed on language skills, fine motor
development and social interaction with peers.

Pre-school/Kindergarten (3 - 6 years)
The Academy Program at Prodigy is a licensed academic school, providing educational
programs for pre-schoolers up to and including Third Grade. The Academy is licensed by
the Private School Division of the Pennsylvania Department of Education and participates
in the Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts Program.

Our programs for this group emphasize enhancing children’s mental development and
preparing them in basic academic subjects. We create an environment that encourages
learning. This is achieved through active exploration, interaction with other children,
peer group association and with school-furnished educational materials.

Our student body is culturally diverse, allowing each student the opportunity to experience
cultural differences at an early age. The result is strong skills in communication,
learning and socialization—exactly the skills children need to face the demanding rigors
of higher education and adulthood.

As an enhancement to everyday school activities, we offer classes in computer literacy,
music and movement, yoga, physical education and Spanish.